As residents, neighbours, and admirers of the Salish Sea, we write to declare our support for its designation as a World Heritage site.

The Salish Sea basin has been home to indigenous peoples for millennia. Today, it is home to some 8,000,000 humans —many of those British Columbians— living along the shores of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.

The economic benefits alone are enough justification for us to support the application for the Salish Sea to be considered as a World Heritage Site. This application, however, following Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet's invitation, also speaks directly to the outstanding universal values of the Salish Sea, the significance of our local culture and nature, and our contribution to the world's heritage.

The Salish Sea is home to some 3000 species, many unique to the area. The culture, traditions, and hard-won wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea honour the area. 

With this opportunity, we can protect and honour the Salish Sea forever. 

We, the undersigned, people of Salish Sea, British Columbia, Washington, and the world urge you to approve the addition of the Salish Sea to Canada's Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



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