Since 2014, SeaLegacy has worked with grassroots partners to protect some of the most precious marine environments. Today, together with Salish sea Residents and neighbours, we're pledging to change how the story of the Salish Sea will end.  the question we are askinG is:

will the salish sea become an industrial coastline, or will it remain supernatural british columbia?  the choice is ours.


The Salish Sea basin has been home to indigenous peoples for millennia. Today, it is home to some 8,000,000 humans —many of those British Columbians— living along the shores of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.

The economic benefits alone are enough justification for us to support the application for the Salish Sea to be considered as a World Heritage Site. But it also offers outstanding universal cultural and environmental value, and stands to make an important contribution to the world's heritage.

“The Salish Sea is a unique inner sea with a long history of providing food and sustenance, habitat and biodiversity for countless marine species, and a wealth of resources to all those living alongside its shores.”

LAURIE GOURLAY, Salish Sea Trust

People like you make this possible

WILLIE MITCHELL, a Vancouver Island resident, is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman and an avid sports fisherman.  He is a passionate advocate of the Salish Sea.

PAUL NICKLEN and CRISTINA MITTERMEIER, Vancouver Island residents, National Geographic photographers and SeaLegacy co-founders, joined his campaign in January 2017.

Over 15,000 residents, government officials, industry leaders, First Nations and others have added their voices to our efforts to highlight the imperative to draft a different kind of future for the Salish Sea.

The question we are asking is:

Will the Salish Sea become an industrial coastline, or will it remain supernatural British Columbia?  Can we build an alternative economy based on the wealth and beauty of our coast?

The choice is ours.

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