Economic Boost expected from Salish Sea World Heritage Site

[March 3rd, 2017] CEDAR, By The Salish Sea – With both provincial and federal government leaders emphasizing the need for economic and environmental solutions, and the need growing for long-lasting benefits and employment in BC's southern coast, a Salish Sea World Heritage Site proposal is being seen as a major economic driver and world-wide attraction for south-western British Columbia.

"Just last month, the Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, raised the prospect of strengthening economic ties with B.C.," said Laurie Gourlay1, Interim Director of the Salish Sea Trust. "There is also an acknowledgement of the need for health and protection measures to be put in place for the Salish Sea."

The Salish Sea Trust, along with partner SeaLegacy, are in the process of contacting all sectors with economic, heritage and sustainable development interest in the Salish Sea and region. Letters have been sent out to MPs, MLAs and local governments throughout British Columbia while at the same time, interest in and support for the economic and environmental benefits of the proposed Salish Sea World Heritage Site is growing.

"The business model for World Heritage Sites is as strong as the cultural and natural protections they provide," says Gourlay. “There are over 1000 World Heritage Sites around the globe and it’s proven that the boost for local and regional economies is a major reason for seeking the UNESCO designation."

Prime Minister Trudeau invited applications by Canadians last August, for the prestigious World Heritage Site recognition through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

"UNESCO has increasingly emphasized their wish to address sustainable development," Gourlay adds, "and our Salish Sea application specifically addresses the significant cultural and natural assets which readily contribute to economic and sustainable development opportunities here."

The new website of the Salish Sea Trust and SeaLegacy is helping to provide information on the World Heritage Site application for the Salish Sea, as well as inviting support letters which will be submitted by April 30th to accompany the proposal,

1) In Trump era, Washington governor says relationship with B.C. becoming more important, CBC News, Feb 20, 2017

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